1. Advanced combination techniques
Junior Gold Tab 9 Belt Syllabus
Junior Gold
Tab 9
Belt Syllabus
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Half Shoulder into Spring Hip Throw
Half Shoulder into Head, Hip and Knee
Half Shoulder into Body Drop
Half Shoulder into Dropping Version of a Body Drop
Front Strangle into X Block, knee to groin followed by a Rear Scoop and Leg Lock
Front Strangle into X Block followed by Cross Block into a Leg Throw with Lock
Front Strangle into Shoulder Lock followed by Back Hock with Cross Over Arm Lock
Front Strangle into Straight Arm Lock followed by an escape from a Back Hair Grab

2. Kama Kata (1-35 moves)
3. Basic Blocks using the Naginata
4. Basic Strikes using the Naginata
5. Naginata Kata (1-20 moves)
6. Sandan Form (1-30 followed by moves 31-60)
7. Praying Mantis (1-20 followed by moves 21-40)